Sailing areas

The Seychelles are the perfect setting for a sailing trip. The 115 islands all have their own specific character and can be divided into the Inner Islands (41 granite islands and 2 coral islands) and the lower Outer Islands (72 coral islands)
They form 6 groups of islands that are waiting to be discovered on our sailing trip: the Inner Islands, the Amirantes, the Southern Coral, Alphonse, Farquhar, Aldabra.

The distances between the different islands are relatively small, which allows you to fully take in the Seychelles, especially if it is your first trip to this beautiful archipelago.

One could say there is an over-abundance of beaches, one more beautiful than the next. Idyllic beaches, taken from Robinson Crusoe, will turn these trips into an unforgettable adventure. At the end of every day we always find a safe anchorage in one of the many "bounty" bays.

Almost all areas in the Seychelles are accessible but some islands, or "Marine Parks", charge a tax (list available on request).
This is when it concerns private islands or protected nature reserves.

Due to the location of the archipelago the Seychelles are free of hurricanes and cyclones. The wind varies between 5 and 15 knots and can, exceptionally, go up to 30 knots in September. Perfect for sailing in other words.

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