Five reasons to book with Bat-O-Bleu

  • Bat-O-Bleu is an official licensed charter operator in the Seychelles, which means that we have been approved and are being yearly audited by the Seychelles Authorities. This ensures that Bat-O-Bleu follows all international and national charter rules and regulations, which gives you the best guarantee for a carefree holiday.

  • During our five years of operations, we haven't only built up a solid and satisfied cient base, but also a Seychelles based experienced team to back up our operations. We have a mix of local and european, general and technical management in our home base at Eden Island Marina, as well as a team of professional skippers, cooks and maintenance staff.

  • We are proud of our small but beautiful fleet that is owned by Bat-O-Bleu and its shareholders themselves. Therefore we are able to make sure that our fleet remains state of the art and we are  not dependant on third parties for maintenance. What we maintain for ourselves, we maintain for the best...

  • At Bat-O-Bleu, we guarantee from start till end a close personal contact, directly with the top management. No distant and unable secretary answering your queries, but the managers who are shareholders themselves are taking care of your holiday and all your concerns.

  • Last but not least, Bat-O-Bleu can offer you tailored and off the beaten track programs, together with our renowned on board service by our skilled crew. Oh, and by the way, Bat-O-Bleu doesn't require a guarantee deposit, since it is our crew that takes care of the yacht...

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